Some questions we have been asked and other info:

Where do you shoot? / Where are your pictures taken?
We mainly shoot indoors in Waltham, MA or outdoors at various locations in and around the Waltham area.

How long do the shoots last?
The average shoot lasts from 1-4 hours, depending on which package is purchased. Also, we usually leave space for you to buy additional time if you need it. [See our packages here]

What does the cost of your packages cover?
Photos, set changes, editing, modeling instruction.

What form of payment do you accept?
At this time we only accept cash.

Do you provide outfits/costumes?
We have a closet full of outfits, but do encourage everyone to bring garments with them to ensure both the fit and style you need.

Do you have props and furniture available?
We do have a selection of props and furniture, but if you have any specific needs please try to bring them with you.

What if I have never modeled before?
Don't worry we don't bite! We want you to feel comfortable (this is the key to great photos), so if you're new to this we will help you pose, emote, etc. Also, feel free to ask us any questions about the whole process, you don't have to go into this blindly. The key thing you should remember is to relax and have fun and let everything else come naturally. Also, don't forget to prepare! (see next question)

What should I do to prepare for my shoot?
The best way to prep for a shoot is to have a plan in mind. You can write down your idea, sketch it out, print out examples of inspiration photos, etc.; anything to help us see your vision.

While planning you should always consider the following:

HAIR - While we can help you a little with your hair, it is HIGHLY recommended that if you require a specific hair style you plan and/or get your hair style ready before a shoot.

MAKEUP - We do not provide makeup for sanitary/health reasons. You can either apply your makeup before arriving or if you would like our advice, we can give you time to apply when you arrive.

OUTFITS - We do have outfits available, but recommend that you bring your own to ensure the size and style you require. You can bring as many outfits/shoes/accessories as you wish, but we will only shoot in the number of outfits that comes with your package.

PROPS - We do have a selection of props and furniture, but if you have any specific needs please try to bring them with you.

MUSIC - Please feel free to bring a music player with any music that helps inspire, excite or generally get you in the mood to model.

Do you retouch/edit the photos?
We will retouch/edit the number of photos that are included in your package (additional edits can be purchased separately). Editing includes (at a minimum) making your skin look flawless by removing blemishes, cuts, scars, cellulite, stretch marks, etc., and lighting and color correction. We can also usually include some additional edits to fit the style you wish to achieve (dependent on the work required). As each shoot can require different edits, please feel free to discuss your particular needs with us or ask any questions you may have.

How long does it take to get the finished product back?
It usually takes 2-6 weeks depending on the package you choose. We do offer rush editing if you need the photos in a hurry (usually within a week).

Can I get the unedited pictures?
Generally, No. We, as artists, tend to cringe at the thought of someone else editing our work. However, we have had some situations where the originals were needed for publishing purposes, at which time we can negotiate a photo's release.

Can I make additional prints from the CD/DVD/Download you give me?

Can I bring a friend/escort?
We do allow you to bring one (1) person with you to the photoshoot. You must notify us if you are bringing someone in advance (not the day of the shoot). We understand that this person would be coming for your comfort, but please choose someone who WILL NOT BE DISRUPTIVE. If your +1 is a problem we may ask them, or even both of you, to leave.